Will Joomla continue to maintain its popularity in the New Year’s?

Joomla has undoubtedly become one of the most popular content management systems that has become the preferred platform for creating a website or a blog. Joomla comes with a host of built in applications and features that makes it extremely viable and versatile to develop a website as one wants it. Joomla web hosting takes care of all these nuances and ensures that your Joomla website runs successfully at all times. There are many web hosting providers who offer Joomla web hosting and it all depends on choosing the one who can offer you with proper technical assistance and the desired features to setup your Joomla website account.

One of the reasons that have contributed towards Joomla’s popularity is that it is free and anyone can start using the publishing tool to create web pages and upload them instantly. Another factor that will surely help retain Joomla’s popularity even in the New Year’s is that it supports multiple languages and comes with fully customized layouts. With fully customized layouts you can choose from an extensive list of templates and further customize it as per your requirements. One of the biggest advantages of Joomla is that it can easily function across all platforms and Operating Systems including Windows, Linux, different versions of Unix and the Apple OS/X platform. Joomla web hosting also supports news feeds that can be gathered from various different websites through the usage of New Feed Manager.

Installing and creating an e-commerce website through Joomla is also extremely easy and any one use any of the Joomla e-commerce extensions to easily create an e-commerce website. Besides, which Joomla also comes with an array of extensions that help you to add all kinds of different features and functionality to your website efficiently and conveniently. With such a wide range of features to choose from, it isn’t surprising that Joomla web hosting continues to maintain its popularity and in fact each year new addition of features makes it more popular worldwide.

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