Why use dedicated servers for e-commerce?

A website has become an integral part of any business and therefore investing in a good and a reliable web hosting service is of utmost importance. The other factor that is important to consider is the choice of hosting your website on a dedicated server or a shared server. If you are planning to launch an e-commerce website or a certain number of portals, then opting for a dedicated server makes more sense.

dedicated servers

As the name implies a dedicated server completely belongs to you and it is not shared by any other website. You can host as many websites as you like on a dedicated server and not worry about the space or bandwidth. If you have requirements where you foresee expansion of your online business or are planning to run a secure e-commerce website then a dedicated server may suit your objectives. Let’s look into some of the advantages of the dedicated server and why you should opt for one:

Advantages of a dedicated server

Storage space: Since the company rents the entire server therefore there is more storage space in comparison to a shared server and one can think of hosting a large number of website pages, images, database and features.

Server Security: Since e-commerce website encourages online business and transactions, hence security is of paramount importance. A company would never want anyone get access to their customer’s personal details and information. Though there are methods of securing information on both shared and dedicated servers such as SSL certification, however, if your website attracts high volume of traffic, then dedicated server might be a better option.

Control Panel: The other factor that acts in the favor of a dedicated server is the idea of possessing greater control over the control panel. The webmasters surely have more access to the various functions and features of the hosting server.

When should one opt for a dedicated server?

One can opt for a dedicated server once the website gets much popular, which means it starts attracting high volume traffic. In such instances handling the requests from a web server would be come slow due to limitations of a shared server, therefore it would be ideal to switch to a web hosting provider offering dedicated server. Though it is more expensive than a shared server, but it is worth every penny because it is finally about your company and its credibility and reputation.

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