Why choose VPS web hosting?

VPS web hosting also known as Virtual Private Server offers a technology where a server is partitioned into a number of virtual servers. Each of the virtual servers then become independent and contains their own server resources such as CPU and RAM. Ideally VPS comes somewhere between a shared server and a dedicated server and it is the perfect alternative for those who experience a considerably high traffic to their site and require something independent but not exactly a dedicated server.

Ideally your VPS web hosting provider would be able to make you completely familiar with the various features and advantages of using a VPS hosting account. However, in short some of the advantages that you gain from VPS hosting are as follows:

One of the foremost concerns of anyone planning to launch a website is security. You wouldn’t want your website to be infected with virus and as a result suffer business loses. VPS does provide you optimum security by minimizing the risk of hackers attacking your website.

Performance: Since all the resources that you get are regulated therefore there is no risk of someone else taking away your share of resources and you are guaranteed reliable and consistent performance at all times.

Flexibility: VPS hosting does give you the option to install your own applications and your developer can truly experiment and run any kind of application whether it is blog, forum or even custom scripts.

Customization: Another important advantage of VPS web hosting is the feature of customizing according to one’s choice and preferences. With VPS you even the option to get custom firewall configurations done.

Hassle free hosting: Undoubtedly, VPS hosting offers hassle free service because you get your own secure hosting environment. You also have the option to downgrade or upgrade as per your requirements and your web hosting provider will be more than glad to do that for you.

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