Why choose reseller web hosting?

Reseller hosting is an ideal option for those who are planning to start their own hosting company as well as for those intending to look for a reseller host provider who can manage the hosting of large websites. A reseller host is the one who purchases space in bulk from big hosting companies and further redistributes the space to other website owners. Reseller web hosting providers are entrepreneurs that lease out time and space from someone else’s web host’s server rather than own their own server.

cPanel reseller hosting

Benefits of reseller hosting

  • If a company has a number of websites or a large portal, then opting for a reseller package makes complete sense. A reseller web hosting provider can offer a bouquet of interesting features and large amount of space to run any number of websites successfully.
  • Reseller hosting offers you the advantage of paying one monthly fee because a company with a number of websites can easily allocate a certain amount of space for each of the websites. Therefore, you don’t need to buy additional hosting plans thereby reducing the overall costing of hosting the websites.
  • A reseller web hosting provider is guaranteed to offer more features such as a comprehensive control panel for managing the website effectively. A lot of them even offer SSL certificate with a reseller account thereby offering advanced security features.
  • Hassle free maintenance is yet another feature of taking a reseller hosting plan because a company is saved from the trouble of investing in a server of their own. The reselling web hosting provider offers technical assistance and the client need not worry about any kind of maintenance or hosting issues.
  • Most reseller web hosting providers offer great customer service that help solving queries related to both technical and non technical aspects such as billing and account information.
  • If for example a company is also involved in web hosting and is not utilizing all of the reseller space, the company can always opt to become a reseller web host and sell that space to increase their revenue.
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