Which one to choose – VPS or Shared Web Hosting?

There are too many types of web hosting and sometimes it can be quite cumbersome on which web hosting plans to choose. Shared web hosting and VPS are quite popular and usually one tries to confuse between both these web hosting plans. One of the reasons on why confusions arise is due to the fact that both the web hosting plans are based on shared server resources, but this should not deter from the fact that there are a couple of differences. These differences will help in figuring out which plan would be a better option when intending to purchase a web hosting plan.

Configuration of the server: The configurations for shared web hosting and VPS are quite different although both the hosting plans are based on the same principle. In both the cases a single web server is ideally shared among a large number of customers but the VPS or virtual private servers are partitioned therefore providing more functionality and freedom. Shared hosting plans operate from a single web server where hundreds of webmasters host their websites.

Pricing: Shared web hosting is a more affordable option than VPS though the payment schedules may be quite different. In a lot of cases one needs to pay annually for shared web hosting while for VPS one can pay on a monthly basis. The choice of choosing the web hosting plan depends on the requirements and the budget that one can invest in.

Which One?

Though the differences may not be much but one has to decide which one is better. Shared web hosting is ideal in most cases because it is affordable and even a novice can launch a website with a shared web hosting plan. While those who may require more resources or are simply prefer the idea of sharing the web service but still being able to treat it as your own independent hosting, may opt for VPS. Ideally, one should consult the web hosting provider and figure out which hosting plan would be more beneficial.

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