What is Hybrid Web Hosting?

Hybrid web hosting is soon emerging as a preferred web hosting service for a lot of companies and individuals. Hybrid hosting is about combining two different types of hosting into one. It primarily combines dedicated web hosting with cloud web hosting and it is quite an useful option for where website owners may start to feel their online requirements are growing considerably. Before understanding the hybrid hosting concept completely it is important to realize the benefits of dedicated and cloud hosting and how merging the both can be extremely beneficial for your website.

Dedicated Hosting: A lot of companies choose dedicated web hosting to ensure they have dedicated resources at their disposal and are a little sensitive about the security of their company’s applications or information. Besides, that certain applications and programs run more effectively and efficiently if there doesn’t exist the need to compete with other shared programs for server resources. For instance, a popular blog that enjoys extensive links or a gaming website that does require a lot of bandwidth and space will surely function more effectively if they have their dedicated server resources.

Cloud Hosting: Companies that don’t want to worry about overloading a single server with their website or usually face flexible traffic and do require extra bandwidth and storage sometimes. In such scenarios, cloud web hosting is an ideal option because it is cost effective, scalable and it is the perfect solution when the website may face peak traffic on certain occasions. With cloud web hosting everyone can enjoy the shared resources and not worry about overload or traffic distribution threatening to crash the server while running powerful applications.

Using Hybrid Web Hosting

With such a number of benefits of both the web hosting plans, they can add immense value when combined together. Hybrid web hosting allows you to get a combination package that uses the best of both dedicated hosting and cloud hosting through one efficient hybrid hosting plan.

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