What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Though many may have heard about cloud web hosting, but usually few are truly aware of what exactly cloud hosting means. Cloud web hosting has literally created quite a buzz and everyone seems to be talking about it. In fact Google is one of the best examples because Google searches operate under a huge computer infrastructure cloud that people can tap into through their local computers.

So the question is what does cloud hosting really means?

Well it means that a website hosted on cloud web hosting operates on multiple connected servers. Instead of restricting to a single server, which is the case with traditional hosting, the website has access to a number of different servers. Due to this aspect, the processing power is almost unlimited since the options to add a new server and scale up is always there. Therefore, you are not restricted to using just one server because through cloud hosting you can have access to many servers.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud web hosting does have a number of benefits that makes it beneficial for hosting websites on it. Based on the principles of cloud computing, cloud hosting gives you the advantage of sharing and managing large amount of distributed data thereby offering a really high level of scalability to meet any kind of unpredictable demands.

Since cloud hosting manages a host of functions virtually including security, load balancing and server resources, therefore as a user you are not restricted to accessing only one piece of hardware or server.

Besides being highly scalable, cloud hosting is also very cost efficient and it also gives you the opportunity to expand your website with minimum hassles. You also do not need to worry too much about the hardware and the various issues related with it and you can hassle free concentrate on developing and expanding your website. Your web hosting provider would be able to provide you all the information about cloud hosting and whether it would be a good choice to opt for one.

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