What are the important features of OS commerce web hosting plan?

OS commerce web hosting is one of the most popular free open source platforms that allow you to easily download and install shopping cart application. This store management software is based on PHP, my SQL database and Apache and the whole process of creating a website is quite simplified.

OS commerce has become the preferred option for anyone wanting to create an e-commerce website with shopping cart facility and it is not surprising that OS commerce web hosting plan does come with a host of features and benefits. These features help businesses and store owners to successfully manage their businesses online at an extremely cost effective rate and without much effort. In order to opt for such a plan it is essential to first understand the features that you would get from OS commerce web hosting plan:

  • OS commerce is compatible with all the versions of PHP.
  • It offers a multilingual support and by default it features English, German and Spanish.
  • OS commerce also extends support to a wide range of products and categories
  • It enables you to easily customize and add, edit or modify categories, products, reviews etc.
  • You can secure the admin details with a secure user name and password
  • The user friendly quick search and advanced search features does simplify search to quite an extent.
  • It does also accept both offline and online payment methods such as check, money order, offline credit processing, PayPal, iPayment, Authorize.net etc.
  • THe shopping cart also features destination based shipping modules that includes weight and price.
  • The OS commerce has a database that contains all the orders and which further helps in efficient retrieval.
  • The OS commerce web hosting also features temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers.
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