Top 5 SEO extensions for your Joomla website

Joomla web hosting is regarded as one of the user-friendliest and well known platforms for dynamically setting up websites and blogs. One of the key factors in setting up a website is choosing the right kind of Joomla web hosting provider and the next is to take the necessary SEO steps to promote the website and attract visitors. Joomla is undoubtedly a powerful CMS and there are a number of SEO extensions that are absolutely free and can be used to optimize your website.

SEOSimple: To get really good SEO results, it is important that the Meta descriptions have the relevant content related to a particular page. Adding descriptions to each of the pages can be quite a cumbersome chore. This particular extension utilizes a portion of text on top of each page as part of the Meta description.

Missing Metadata Module: This is a truly remarkable tool, which helps in ensuring that the articles published contain the appropriate meta tag description. Once the extension is installed, it lists out any articles that may lack meta description info.

Joomap: This allows you to effectively develop a sitemap and submit it to various search engines. It features the normal Menu structure, content categories and sections in a hierarchical manner.

Artio JoomSEF: This particular extension helps in making URLs search engine friendly and since it can be easily understood by people, therefore it further boosts the numbers too.

Auto Frontpage: This extension is quite helpful as it automatically updates your site regularly. It helps by automatically publishing new articles thereby saving plenty of time and effort. If content is not regularly published then it even republishes the old articles thereby pleasing both the search engines and visitors.

These are just some of the most popular SEO extensions that help considerably in optimizing and getting more traffic to your Joomla website.

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