Tips for blogging for a website

Blogging is a smart way to attract traffic to your website, engage with your current clients, attract potential clients and establish yourself as a brand. With so much depending on your blog, it is important that you get it right.

Web hosting blog tips

Here are some tips to help you host your blog and share your views and opinions.

It is very easy to host a blog. You can get a blog incorporated in your website. You can opt for wordpress hosting, which is an open source application. If you wish, you can host under our wordpress hosting plan.

You can also contact web development companies who can customize the blog for you if you wish.

Create relevant categories on the blog to post your thoughts and opinions. For example, if you are posting on web hosting, then create a category for web hosting. This means all your articles on web hosting will be filed together making it simpler for those looking for information to find that information.

Also for the tone, keep it conversational as if you are having an informal chat with your friends. This will put them at ease and make them more receptive to your ideas.

Remember to keep abreast of the current issues, updates etc with your fields and be sure to share that information in your blog in layman’s language. Avoid technical jargon as much as possible and remember you are not writing for yourself but for your clients.

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