The secret behind the popularity of OS commerce

OS commerce has over the years become extremely popular since everyone seems to want to launch an e-commerce website. OS commerce is a open source platform that anyone can install and integrate it with their website to make it a viable e-commerce site. OS commerce web hosting is one of the finest automated systems that help you set up your online business within minutes in a truly convenient manner.

OS commerce is a comprehensive web application built specially to develop ecommerce websites. It is a full-fledged online store management software program that functions with the help of PHP and MySql database. OS commerce web hosting can download it free of cost and all you need to pay is for a really good web hosting provider who is willing to extend any kind of support you may require. Undoubtedly, OS commerce allows you to create a robust online shopping system and some of the other prominent advantages of using this include:

  • OS commerce is completely compatible with PHP 4 and MySQL.
  • It is compatible with all the major browsers
  • OS commerce does offer multi-lingual support and English and German languages are there by default.
  • It also features multi-currency support through manual update from the exchange rate server.
  • OS commerce also allows support for dynamic images, physical products as well as product downloads too.
  • It gives you the option to choose from temporary or permanent shopping carts.
  • There are innumerable shipping options included that are based on weight, destination or price.
  • It enables automatic web based installation and addition of unlimited number of products and categories
  • OS commerce gives you the option of complete tax functionality, which includes compounded tax and even different zones for different products.

Overall OS commerce web hosting is truly a boon for anyone planning to set up an ecommerce website with minimal effort and yet reap huge benefits.

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