Steps to add SSL certificate to your OS commerce website

OS commerce is considered an ideal open source platform to install and run an ecommerce website successfully. It is one of the most effective ways to create an ecommerce website and all one needs to find is a really good web hosting provider. Since OS commerce is meant to ensure online transactions are done properly and securely, however, you can also ensure another level of security with SSL certificate.

Once you have managed to install and setup your OS commerce web hosting website, you can go ahead and even add SSL certification. A number of steps need to be followed to install this on your website and the various steps include:

  • Once you have added OS commerce through the control panel provided by your web hosting provider, you need to enable the ‘Use SSL’ option to yes.
  • The next step is to add the hostname for your secure server followed by the information you would need from your customers. You need to select the various options by choosing yes or no.
  • Once the information is entered, you would need to click on the ‘Install OS commerce’ tab.
  • Once this is done, on the next page click on ‘Finish Installation’. This would install your OS commerce program, which is integrated with SSL certificate thereby securing your online transaction completely.
  • Your e-commerce store setup will be completed once you login online into your account.

These are the generic steps you would need to follow to setup your OS commerce account with SSL certification. In some cases, the control panel, which you may get may be slightly different and therefore you would need to make adjustments according to that control panel’s requirements. This is one of the most effective ways of getting your OS commerce web hosting site absolutely secure, thereby even ensuring your customers that they can securely conduct transactions through your website.

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