Should you lease or buy a dedicated server?

When a single client uses a complete server and it is not shared by anyone else, then it is known as a dedicated server. A dedicated server can either be owned privately or even leased, which means it cannot be divided among multiple web site owners. A dedicated server is an ideal option for large companies who may be particular about hosting their websites on a dedicated server.

The question arises when one is choosing a dedicated web hosting plan, should one consider buying the server or leasing it for a certain duration. Though many people choose to lease a dedicated server, there are some who prefer purchasing as a better option. The choice can vary depending on the requirements and preferences of the decision maker. There are a couple of pointers that one needs to keep in mind when planning to invest in a dedicated server.

A sound investment: One needs to figure out if it would be a sound investment to purchase a dedicated server. One needs to compare the long term costing with the short term investment and find out which one would be a more fruitful option. When a server is leased one needs to pay for a web hosting plan each month and therefore monthly fees needs to be paid for as long as one has access to the dedicated server. But since dedicated servers do tend to cost quite a bit that’s why a lot of people prefer renting it out.

Storing the Server: When one is planning to buy a dedicated server, one may face the problem of storing the server since it cannot be saved for a longer period of time under normal conditions. This can shorten its lifecycle due to overheating and dust and special arrangements need to be made to store the server properly. This is yet another reason on why people opt to not buy a server.

Maintenance: If one decides to purchase a server, one needs to be completely aware that it does require high maintenance. The complete responsibility has to be borne by the owner rather than the web hosting provider and therefore one needs to properly contemplate and be sure about purchasing a dedicated web server.

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