Should you choose free or paid web hosting?

There are a lot of websites that offer you free web hosting to create and start running your website immediately. In most cases free web hosting is particularly popular with blog sites where you get the option to create your blog and publish it online immediately. Free web hosting does offer an opportunity to even a novice to create and host websites easily and conveniently. However, not everything is positive about free web hosting and there are a number of reasons on why one should be careful before choosing free web hosting.

One of the biggest advantages of free web hosting is that it’s completely free. This means that you would not need to pay a single penny. You don’t need any experience at all to create sites through free web hosting. However, the positives end here because free web hosting does have a number of disadvantages that does not make it a viable option at all from a commercial or a business perspective. Even in case of personal websites, free web hosting is good for a short duration and it cannot be termed as a long duration solution.

For one, as your site starts to grow, a subdomain hosting account provides very little in terms of branding and in fact it can have adverse affects. You don’t have any control over the accountability of your website and even in terms of space bandwidth the options are limited. A free blog would not allow you to customize the development aspect of your website and you won’t be able to run CGI or scripting applications, the way you want to.

A paid hosting account also gives you the opportunity to build links without having to worry if you need to change domain names or not. Paid web hosting account also lets you to implement the programming and scripting changes, which is definitely not possible with a free web hosting account. Therefore, it makes complete sense to check with your web host provider and choose a paid web hosting plan that matches well with your requirements and expectations.

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