Protecting your website with Captcha

Website security is of paramount importance and a number of steps have to be taken into account to ensure the website is completely secured. When purchasing a web hosting plan it is also important to find out about the various kinds of security measures your web hosting company is providing. However, before you can ask about the various tools to safeguard security, you need to be completely aware about them. Some of the prominent tools and instruments to ensure your website is well protected is the use of SSL certification, encryption and the use of Captcha.

web site captcha

Though SSL certification and encryption has been there for quite a while, Captcha is an image verification module and it also acts as an instrument to protecting the websites. Captcha is used to verify if the information being entered is by a real person or not. For example when signing up for an email id, it always displays a captcha box, which displays a box with oddly shaped characters. The Captcha box prompts the user to type the information as per the characters displayed in the box in order to verify if the person is actually genuine.

Captcha helps you protect your website from spammers by not allowing any kind of a false registration. It not only protects your website from fraudulent user registration and spam comments, it also stops blots from doing anything on your website such as sending a mail through the contact form. It is important to protect your website’s contact form from spammers and Captcha gives you the ideal opportunity to do so.

It is quite easy to send spam mails because the spam folder a lot of times does not recognize it as a spam since the mail comes directly from the contact form of your website. Therefore it makes it absolutely essential to use Captcha which helps protect your website in every possible manner. You can always find more about the various security measures including Captcha from your web host provider.

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