Multiple domain wordpress hosting

WordPress not only gives you the flexibility to create as many blogs as you want but it also allows you to point several multiple domains at only a single wordpress installation. It is fairly simple to do so and the advantages are undoubtedly many. A good wordpress web hosting provider will even guide you on the steps required to conduct this process and within a truly short span of time you will be able to create multiple blogs through a single wordpress installation. All you need to pinpoint multiple domains is to have a couple of domains, a good wordpress hosting account and the WP-Hive plugin. This plugin lets you easily setup multiple WordPress websites to function on a single installation.

This WP-Hive plugin is absolutely ideal for website administrators looking for a plugin that manages multi-site environment and is able to easily administer all the plugins, files and themes easily through a single access point. The admin interface does make it quite convenient to add new websites to the ‘Hive’ and manage them effectively. Undoubtedly, for anyone planning to have more than wordpress website and not be bothered with the hassle of managing them separately, this is the perfect solution. Also, if you are in doubt how to go about the complete process, you can always take the help of your web hosting provider.

There are quite a few advantages attached to running multiple websites on a single installation and some of them include:

  • The plugin is designed in a manner that anyone with even limited knowledge of IT can also easily install it.
  • One of major features is that this plugin is compatible with all the third party plugins.
  • It can easily support domain, subdomain and subdirectory websites easily and conveniently.
  • The plugin also provides support for wildcard domains and subdomains.
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