Linux hosting and its advantages

When a web host operates the Linux operating system on their server then it is often referred to as Linux hosting. Due to its high level of flexibility and functionality Linux has become a preferred web hosting option over the other platforms. Linux is known for its reliability and nearly 50 million websites are being hosted on this platform.

linux hosting

There are a couple of components and they include:

Linux: A young student from Finland called Linus Torvaids created Linux, a system that was far superior in functionality than Minix. At the core of the Linux system exist kernel, which helped in making the source code freely available to the developers.

Apache: It is an open-source HTTP platform that was specifically created for the different variants of Windows and Unix platform. Apache servers power more than 60% of the websites, as it is known for offering an efficient, extensible and secure server.

My SQL: This is one of the most commonly used database management systems today and due to its high level of reliability and scalability it is the preferred option with most leading businesses around the world.

PHP: It is undoubtedly one of the oldest programming languages and though it helps in creating dynamic web pages, it does also execute from a command line interface.

Advantages of using Linux

Linux offers a host of advantages that makes it one of the most preferred platforms for using Linux Server for hosting purposes. Some of the advantages include:

Open Source Software: One of the primary advantages that Linux enjoys is that it offers an open source platform. This means that there is no need to pay licensing fee and therefore everyone can download and use it on any server.

Linux Conversion: Linux is extremely flexible since it gives you the opportunity to easily convert a Linux based website into a Windows website. The Linux web hosting server can also easily incorporate various user requirements.

Security and Stability: In comparison to other platforms, Linux is known to be more secure and stable. Since the software can be easily downloaded therefore this prevents the platform from fewer attacks and it even makes it a completely stable and economical option.

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