Joomla web hosting and its features

Joomla web hosting is one of the most popular free open source content management tool that is increasingly being used to create websites and blogs. Though Joomla is a powerful content management system, but it is definitely more than that because it does offer a range of unique and innovative solutions. Hence, it is not surprising that Joomla hosting has gained such immense recognition because it does offer immense scope to anyone looking to explore and utilize on all of Joomla’s unique strengths.

Some of the most popular features of Joomla that definitely give a new meaning to the kind of potential Joomla offers are as follows:

  • Joomla features a registration system that enables you to add personal options and gives you complete control to add further user groups and level of access.
  • There is a media manager tool that facilitates easy management of files and folders and you can easily configure the settings as per your preferences. Since this tool is embedded into the article editor therefore you can easily grab and place images and other files instantly.
  • Joomla is truly accessible to the whole world because it does support many of the world languages. It is possible to have your web site in one language while you control the functioning of the website through another language in the admin panel.
  • One of the main features of many websites are the banner ads that help in earning revenue for the website and Joomla easily allows you to setup your campaign and add as many banner ads as you want.
  • Adding, modifying and organizing your content through Joomla platform is extremely easy since it features a three tiered system of articles. You can enable your users to easily rate the articles, email it or even save it in PDF format.

These are just some of the features that makes Joomla web hosting such a preferred option and most web hosting providers do offer attractive hosting plans that support Joomla.

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