Joomla extensions you must know about

Joomla is one of the most popular content management platform and a little bit of knowledge can help anyone to setup a website. Joomla web hosting comes with a host of extensions that enables you to add online applications conveniently. With a little bit of assistance from your web hosting provider you would be able to add an array of interesting functionalities to your website. There are a couple of extensions that would help largely in creating a truly powerful website with the help of Joomla and some of them include:

JCE: This is an advanced WYSIWYG editor that can be configured and it does include various formats including media, images, file and link handling, plugin support and an administration interface.

SEO patch: With Joomla 1.5, this free SEO patch resolves the problems related to settings on the html head section. This gives you complete access to the meta tags and title settings in the http header settings.

Google Verify: In order to make the task of Google Webmasters Tools verification much simpler, this Google verify extension is absolutely perfect. It functions perfectly with meta tag and template adjustments are not required.

Joomap: This particular extension is a sitemap component for Joomla and it gives you the access to decide which menu you would like to have on your site map.

Phoca Photo Gallery: This component is meant for the photo gallery, which allows you to add multiple categories and even child objects.

JoomlaXplorer: This extension performs the function of the FTP thereby allowing you to edit, delete, copy, modify, archive your files and directories on your web hosting server directly.

VirtueMart: This is an e-commerce solution that is a complete component and perfectly integrates with Joomla.

JoomlaPack: This is an open source backup component that allows you to create a site backup and it can rebuild on any Joomla web hosting server.

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