Is it possible for CMS to function on a shared web hosting?

The dichotomy of shared web hosting is if a CMS can run on a website which is hosted on a shared web hosting plan. There have been numerous opinions and viewpoints if this is a possibility or not or should one opt for a dedicated or a VPS web hosting if CMS is required. There are many who disagree with this thought and in fact have gone ahead and run their respective CMS even with a shared web hosting account. However, one factor that does contribute towards how good a shared web hosting account is going to be for running a CMS is the web hosting provider.

Some web hosting providers do provide excellent technical assistance and ensure you are able to run the CMS successfully even through your shared hosting account. Here is a brief on couple of factors that tell you how ideal shared hosting is for operating a CMS too.

Technological advancements: Shared web hosting has undergone major technological advancements and it is now considered one of the best hosting plans due to its cost effectiveness and the ability to offer a host of features. Web hosting companies have come to realize the limitations of a static website and hence they now offer a host of power packed features that allow you to even use the CMS comfortably. A number of different open source CMS platforms such as Drupal and Joomla are doing extremely well even with shared web hosting.

Database and Language Support: Database is an important feature of a CMS and it is important to find a web hosting provider that supports SQL databases especially MySQL. A number of content management systems are generally written in PHP programming language and the respective shared web hosting plan should be able to support this language.

Storage Space: A sufficient amount of storage space is required especially for a content rich website. Even a shared web hosting plan gives enough storage space to efficiently run a CMS and it is even cost effective. A lot of technological improvements in shared web hosting has made it possible to even host a website through CMS on a shared web hosting plan.

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