Ideal web hosting solution for web designers

A number of web designers are involved not only in designing a website but also sometimes are responsible for providing web hosting space. The web hosting space and website design are often combined and sold as a package. A lot of small and mid-size companies prefer a web designer who can offer them everything in a package so that they are free to concentrate on their core business and not worry about the website design or hosting.

This works well for the website designer too because he can manage and assign web hosting solution that would fit with the requirements of the client. The designer also enjoys the flexibility to allocate web hosting solutions to as many clients as he or she may want.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting solution, then a web designer can opt for among different hosting plans such as reseller plan or dedicated server.

Reseller web hosting plan is a viable option because the web designer gets to own a hosting solution and use it in the manner the designer may want. Through a competitive package, the web designer can offer an excellent web hosting plan along with designing and can even charge monthly fee for the hosting. A reseller web hosting plan also gives the benefits of earning a certain margin by selling the web hosting plan at a competitive yet a profitable rate. Therefore the web designer gains immensely through such a web hosting solution.

Dedicated server: A website designer may even opt for a dedicated server, if he notices a marked increase in the number of clients and knows would require more hosting resources to cater to the demand. As the name suggests a dedicated server is literally your own server and one can host a number of accounts depending on the requirements and preferences. The web designer can price the hosting solution keeping in mind the competitor’s pricing and the profit margin one can earn from it. This provides sufficient leverage to the web designer who purchases a dedicated server from a web hosting provider. However, dedicated servers can cost considerably and are even difficult to manage therefore this is only suggested for designers who have a large number of clients.

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