How to optimize your OS commerce website?

OS commerce is quite a common and well-loved platforms for creating an e-commerce website. It is an open source online e-commerce application that is free and is packed with a bunch of interesting features. The online shopping cart allows you to easily install, run and manage your online store effectively and efficiently. All that is required to run your online store successfully is a really good OS commerce web hosting provider and the successful optimization of your OS commerce website.

An efficient and a reliable OS commerce web hosting company is one who is willing to help and manage your online store account and capable of providing the desired technical and non-technical support. Besides, choosing to opt a really good web-hosting provider, it is also important to consider SEO to ensure your e-commerce website does attract a large number of visitors. Some of the tools that can be adopted to perform on-site SEO include special focus on the title of the page, keywords used, keywords used in H1tags, domain name, in the url of the page and in meta tags.

There are a number of off-site SEO techniques also used to help improve your search engine ranking and they include:

  • One of the important steps is to ensure there are sufficient backlinks to your e-commerce website. This is one of the primary steps that needs to be taken because Google likes to determine how good your website is by judging what others are saying about your website.
  • The second step is the kind of websites that link to your website. A website’s quality is of paramount importance because there are a number of meaningless websites that offer outgoing links to various websites. Google avoids giving much prominence to such websites and therefore tries to see what kind of sites is your website being linked to.
  • Though it may not be that consequential, but at times it does matter how old your e-commerce website is. A lot of times older OS commerce web hosting websites tend to rank higher than comparatively newer websites.

All these factors equally contribute towards increasing your search engine ranking and thereby making way for more customers to come to your website.

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