How to install OS commerce shopping cart?

A shopping cart program is required to smoothly operate an e-commerce website and it is an important aspect of running an online business. You would be effectively be able to manage an online store with the installation of the right kind of shopping cart and OS commerce web hosting is an apt solution. The OS commerce application can easily be installed through Fantastico in the control panel, which is provided by the web hosting provider. It is important to ensure you have a really good OS commerce web hosting provider who supports this application and is willing to extend technical assistance.

There are a couple of steps that need to be followed in order to install OS Commerce shopping cart will include:

  • The first step is to login into your Cpanel account and click on the Fantastico icon and then select ‘new installation’ link.
  • Select the domain name and add the name of the directory where OS Commerce has to be installed. You do not need to enter the directory name if you want customers to directly visit ‘’’ or if you want store to be the directory name, then customers would access ‘’”.
  • Once the desired information for the installation has been added then user name and password has to be entered to access the administrative area.
  • Finally, to complete and start running your OS commerce website, you would need to add the name of your store, owner name and a valid email id.
  • To make your OS commerce website more secure, you can even add SSL certificate to it.

Following these steps, one can securely create an effective e-commerce website through OS commerce hosting within a really short span of time. One of the highlights of following these steps are that one doesn’t even require any kind of IT knowledge as anyone can easily learn the steps and setup the account.

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