How to choose the right kind of control panel?

The control panel is one of the most important aspects when choosing a web hosting plan. If you are planning to create and manage a number of websites or even one website, then a control panel does play an important role. Without a control panel, managing even the most menial tasks online can become a hassle. Control panels are mostly part of the web hosting plan and the type of control panel largely depends on the kind of website being hosted. There are a couple of factors that one needs to look into when buying a web hosting plan and choosing a control panel. Some of these factors include:

cPanel hosting

Type of Hosting: The hosting plan is a decisive factor when it comes to choosing the control panel. Once the hosting plan has been decided based on the requirements, the search for a control panel begins. One of the main criteria for choosing a control panel is the simplicity and the ease of use. Some control panels for dedicated hosting may have more sophisticated functionalities in comparison to other control panels for shared hosting or reseller hosting.

Understanding the requirements: The kind of control panel is based on the kind of website you may have. If it is a large website with a really high level of traffic, then a more comprehensive control panel with a range of functionality would be required. If it is a small basic website then a control panel with some basic functions to manage the account is more than sufficient. For small websites there are control panels that offer simple solutions and are supported by a lot of tutorials to even help a novice understand and implement the basic changes.

Prioritizing the features: It is important to prioritize the features and the characteristics you think are essential for the smooth functioning of your website. This would ideally help you to set up your control panel and decide on the kind of features you would like to incorporate in it. You can easily compare the various control panels and then do a brief research on each of them before you eliminate the aspects that you may not require. Undoubtedly, two of the most important features of any control panel is how user friendly it is and secondly the effective functioning of the various features.

Concentrating on getting the right kind of control panel at the initial stage of taking a web hosting plan works wonders for the smooth functioning of the websites in the long run.

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