Getting the right kind of osCommerce web hosting plan

osCommerce is a quite a well-known open source platform that is a comprehensive online shopping cart application. It is a store management software program that utilizes PHP, mySQL database and Apache and all are available for free. Creating websites with osCommerce is not at all difficult and even a non-technical person can easily manage and administer through the web browser and administrative interface.

Considering the popularity of this free online shopping cart application, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of web hosting companies offer specially designed OS commerce hosting packages. OS commerce is bundled with a variety of features that enable businesses and store owners to run and manage online businesses with minimum cost and effort. If you intend to take an OS commerce web-hosting plan, you would need to select a web hosting provider who is offering all the features required for successful functioning of an osCommerce website. Some of the key features that would help you in determining which OS commerce web hosting provider to choose are as follows:

  • The hosting provider should be able to instantly install and activate your OS commerce account.
  • It is important to check if the web hosting provider is completely reliable and trustworthy because that would reflect on the kind of service the host is willing to provide.
  • Another factor that plays a key role is the security considering it is a shopping cart application and therefore you need to ensure the service being offered is completely secure and stable. The web host should also be able to provide SSL support for secure transactions.
  • The OS web hosting provider should ensure that the hosting supports various online payment gateways such as 2CheckOut, PayPal and etc.
  • Technical assistance is also of utmost significance and the web hosting provider should have a team that is able to troubleshoot any technical issue that you may come across.
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