Getting familiarized with various web hosting terms

If you are planning to setup your website and getting it hosted then in all probability you will be quite unfamiliar with all the strange web hosting terms that one comes across. When you try and research information on the various web hosting providers, you will come across terms like web server, platform, web hosting plan, bandwidth, disk storage and uptime. It can get quite time consuming trying to understand theses terms especially if you are creating your website for the first time and are completely a novice about such aspects. It is time to brush through a quick little tutorial on all these aspects before you visit various web host providers and they try to astound you with such terms.

Web Server: A web server refers to a web server application or the computer on which the application is running. Apache is one of the most popular open source web server programs that is installed and it usually works in sync with the Linux platform. Apache is most often used because it is compatible with open-source technologies such as PHP and MySQL.

Platform: The platform means the operating system that is installed on the server. Though there are many platforms but the ones used most are Windows and Linux. Linux in many ways is a better platform because it is an open source platform and more compatible with various different applications.

Control Panel: A control panel is an application that lets you manage your website easily and conveniently. The functionality that your control panel may have are governed by the kind of web hosting plan you take and the features it may include. Some of the basic features that every control panel has and you can easily manage include setting up email accounts, creating databases and getting to view website statistics.

Bandwidth: It is one of the most crucial and important resources and in the web hosting industry it is often referred to as data transfer. It is called data transfer because it indicates the amount of data transferred from your website. Without proper bandwidth it is not possible for any website to function smoothly.

Disk Storage: This refers to the space or storage on a computer hard drive. In terms of web hosting it signifies the amount of space that has been allocated to your website on the server. This space is what is required to store files, documents and applications.

Uptime: This refers to the availability of your website whenever anyone enters the path of your website on a browser. It would not be beneficial if it is not possible to access your website at all. Most web hosts provider do offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and your web host provider should be able achieve and give it to you as promised.

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