Getting acquainted with the WordPress Control Panel

Anyone who is setting up a website through wordpress is quite aware about the administration panel that allows one to make changes or modify through a graphical user interface. Often referred to as control panel, this allows you to add, delete, modify or change any particular detail, feature or content, which is then immediately reflected on the website. The wordpress control panel is quite easy to use and offers innumerable options to the end user. In fact one does not need to possess any IT knowledge to be able to use to the control panel. In fact even inexperienced users can easily build their website through the various tools and features offered through the control panel.

But it is important to ensure that when taking the web hosting account, the company does offer a certain level of technical assistance if required with installing and running your wordpress account. Most of the web hosting providers do help you install your wordpress website and even help with the understanding of the various controls and features present on the administrator panel or also known as dashboard. There are a host of features that are quite self-explanatory such as adding pages, posts and even images.

Ideally, the administrator panel consists of the header, main navigation, the work area and footer. The header displays the name of your blog, a favorite menu, Search Engine Blocked message, links to your profile and logout. The main navigation menu is on the left side of the screen and it offers details of the various administrative functions that you can perform. The work area constitutes the area found in the middle of the screen and it is from this area that you can actually make changes to any page or post by clicking on the left navigation area.

The footer at the bottom offers links to WordPress, Documentation and Feedback. These are just some of the main components of the wordpress control panel and though they are easy to follow and comprehend, but in case of any problem, you can always contact your web hosting provider offering wordpress hosting.

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