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Online presence can be established in a number of different ways other than just creating websites. There are other medium of communication channels on the Internet too such as forums, discussion boards and blogs. Over the past couple of years blogs have gained immense popularity because it is an excellent tool to express and share one’s opinions and views with people who may possess similar tastes. Blogs have become the medium to express one’s opinions on both personal and professional front. There may be blogs, which may cater to a specific subject or someone may decide to get extremely creative and outpour their musings online. There are many website hosting providers who offer blog hosting that are designed to specifically suite the needs of a blogger.

There are also numerous content management systems that support blogs and creating a blog through them is extremely easy. Joomla and WordPress are two such platforms that encourage you to create blogs. Your blog can either be created externally and you can even choose to integrated it with your website. A blog is an extremely good source for providing information about your business, products and services and it is also a medium to get feedback and suggestions. A blog enables you to interact with your customers directly as they get to express their respective views by posting comments. Both wordpress web hosting and Joomla web hosting give you the opportunity to create your blogs quickly and efficiently. You don’t even need to possess any kind of IT background to create a blog through any one of these content publishing tools.

Both wordpress and Joomla offer you an array of themes to choose from while creating your blog.  Both the content management systems come with additional features and functionalities too that can be activated through plugins and extensions. What is important is to find a reliable and a dependable website hosting provider who is willing to offer sufficiently space, bandwidth, security and excellent customer support to help you run your wordpress or joomla blog efficiently.

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