What you need to search in a good web hosting company?

It is a know fact that there are innumerable CMS platforms out there and thought they make your life easier in terms of developing your own website, it is essential to find a good web host. It is a good web host only who would be able to guide you properly in setting up and managing your website. If you are completely new in regard to creating a website and hosting it then it is important you need to keep these factors in your mind. Finding a web hosting company is not a child’s play and it may get worrisome at times. Therefore if you have a checklist in front of you, it will at least ease your task of looking for a good web host.

  • The first and foremost aspect you need to look into is if your web host supports Joomla or not.  This plays an important role because your web would be able to guide you completely on how to create your website.
  • To ensure your website runs successfully, it is important that you ensure your connection runs successfully at all times. If your website is up and running at all times then only it will attract viewers in large numbers.
  • You also need to find out the bandwidth the company is offering and how much it would allot you each month. You also need to find out what happens if you exceed the bandwidth and how would the company accommodate your request.
  • It is important to know how reliable your web-hosting provider is and you need to be sure the record for the company’s average downtime. It is important to read customer reviews and figure out how much uptime they offer.
  • Any web hosting service you take, what counts is the cost because obviously you wouldn’t like to pay exorbitantly and yet expect a really good hosting plan and service.
  • There are many web hosting companies who even offer domain name and it is always a good idea to take the domain and hosting together.
  • Customer support is yet another factor that makes extremely important because when you may face issues with your account, this is what would eventually account.
  • With every web hosting account, you get a number of email ids and you need to ask your web host how many email ids the web hosting company may be offering.
  • Another factor that is also quite significant is the kind of commitment the company is offering. Find out if they are willing to offer some kind of a trial period to check how good their services are or are they willing to extend support to figure out if they an be completely trusted.
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Is VPS web hosting right for you?

VPS web hosting or also known as virtual private server has of late become quite a preferred option for businesses. But you need to find out if your business can gain benefits from getting VPS web hosting plan. In order to do so, you need to figure out a few basic parameters in terms of how large is your business, what is the criticality factor of your business process, does your website attract a large number of visitors each month and would it be cost effective for you to opt for a VPS plan. These are just some of the questions you would need to answer and if you do feel you need your own private hosting but without the hassle of taking a dedicated server, then VPS hosting may just be the solution to your answer.

VPS web hosting or also know as Virtual Private Server provides a technology where the server is divided into a number of virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers are in their own right completely separate and independent and they do not share their resources with others. This means they have their own respective resources and therefore this kind of a web hosting service does benefit organizations with websites that attract a large number of people.

  • If your website is an ecommerce website and transactions are done online then this kind of a webhosting service will be extremely beneficial to you. It would assure you that the data is completely secure and safe. It does offer a high level of security thereby reducing the chances of hackers attacking your website.
  • Other metric through which any business measures their success is performance. Undoubtedly a constantly running website does reflect highly on the credibility of the company and with VPS web hosting you can be sure of a really good uptime and reliable and quality performance.
  • Besides which the other metric that plays an important role is customization and flexibility. With VPS web hosting you can even get customized applications developed, which means this type of hosting does allow you to experiment and adapt as per your requirements.
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How to secure your OS commerce website?

OS commerce website hosting has become quite popular because it is an open source platform that is absolutely free and allows you to install a shopping cart quite easily and conveniently. There are web hosting providers offering OS commerce website hosting service and ensuring that your website runs smoothly at all times.

Though OS commerce website is extremely sure but it is always better to ensure that no one can attack your website under any circumstances. It is important to make this aspect absolutely sure because an ecommerce website is quite sensitive and you wouldn’t want that anyone gets exposed to sensitive and confidential customer information. This also contributes towards increasing the credibility of your website and encouraging more visitors to visit your website.

One of the factors that you need to keep in mind is that the most common files that hackers look for in an OS commerce based website are file_manager.php and define_language.php. Most of the times hackers target the code written in these two files to harm all the files of your OS commerce website.

How can you prevent it?

You can avoid such an incidence by consulting your OS commerce web hosting provider who will give you the solution on how to safeguard your website. One of the simplest ways to ensure a hacker is not able to access such files is by renaming the files. You can rename the admin folder followed by changing the location of the admin folder. Next you can even comment them out by adding two ‘/’ at the start of the line. Since you have already changed the file name therefore you can also delete the other two files that are no longer functional. Next you can even rename the admin folder to any other name that you can think of thereby hiding the admin folder and disabling the two most sought after files.

Furthermore, you can even ask your web hosting provider to help you really lock this down so that it will not allow any .php files from functioning and the last step you need to take is check file and folder permissions.

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How to evaluate the support system offered by your Joomla web host?

Finding the right kind of web hosting provider is never easy and a careful planning and consideration goes into searching for the right kind of web hosting company. There are also innumerable different kinds of web hosting plans and one of those is Joomla web hosting. Joomla web hosting is extremely popular because it is an open source platform and includes a host of features that make it convenient to create a website within minutes. But before you decide to zero in on a particular web hosting company, you need to find out if they can provide you the kind of service you are looking for your Joomla web hosting requirement.

There are a number of ways of doing so and all you need to do is keep a host of factors in your mind:

  • First you need to determine if your web host company supports Joomla web hosting or not. If they do support then do they have the desired experience in helping you with setting up your Joomla website account.
  • The second step is to ensure they have the required infrastructure to support your hosting demands such as enough bandwidth and disk space. After all your website will take up a certain amount of bandwidth and space and you need to know if the web host can support your requirements.
  • The host should be willing to extend technical assistance to setup your account and even help you manage it better. This is an important aspect and your host should not leave you in the lurch.
  • The other important factor is the kind of customer support your host provides to you. This is of utmost importance because there will be times when your website may face some or the other issue and the only way to resolve it through technical assistance.
  • A website’s main purpose is that everyone gets to view your website and therefore it is important that your Joomla web host is able to provide 99.9% uptime, so that your site runs efficiently and smoothly at all times.
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Knowing the basics of wordpress web hosting

WordPress web hosting is one of the latest technological wonders that help in creating one or even a bunch of websites in a truly easy and a convenient manner. Not many are aware that wordpress web hosting is bestowed with a range of unique features, which simplify the creation of dynamic websites. One of the fundamentals of this type of hosting service is that one need not be aware or possess any kind of IT knowledge. Any person with basic knowledge about how to operate various applications even something as simple as email can easily create a website through wordpress.

One only needs to be aware of certain basic facts that would hold them in good stead when planning to create a website in a truly cost effective manner. Especially small to medium size businesses can gain considerably because wordpress not only gives you the chance to create quality and professional looking websites but it does it at a cost that is quite minimal and your site is up and running within minutes. It is truly that simple and one only needs to be aware of a couple of basic facts to be able to setup and manage a professional looking website:

The foremost criterion is choosing the right kind of wordpress web hosting provider. This is the most important aspect that one needs to keep in mind.

What makes a web hosting provider reliable and efficient?

Well, the answer is simple yet not very simple. You need to search for a web hosting provider who exactly knows what he is doing and has the basic technological infrastructure and customer support to provide you with the right kind of services. The web hosting company should be able to give you the assistance required to setup your wordpress web hosting account. The host needs to possess the requisite knowledge and the latest updates in order to help solve any issues or concerns you may come across. It is important that once your website is hosted it should be up and running always and therefore it becomes imperative the web host is able to guarantee a high uptime of 99.9%. All these factors combined ensure you have a truly efficient and a reliable wordpress web hosting provider.

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Choosing Linux web hosting for your business

There are undoubtedly many web hosting providers in the market and making the right decision is extremely important. If you have a small business and need a good web hosting provider, you need to ensure the host is offering you an affordable deal with right kind of hosting service. Hence, in many ways than one it is better to choose Linux web hosting service because there are a large number of benefits attached to it. With a Linux hosting you are likely to get all the services that you would need for hosting your website successfully.

  • One of the primary reasons for choosing Linux as a platform for web hosting is the affordability. Linux undoubtedly offers one of the most cost effective platforms featuring a comprehensive hosting solution. Linux provides a host of features such as MySQL database, email options, e-commerce tools, multiple domains etc. Linux hosting is a complete value for money.
  • The second factor is that Linux is an open source platform and is extremely compatible. Since the source code is easily available therefore it enables programmers to make all kinds of contributions. Since Linux works well with Apache server, MySQL database and PHP programming language, therefore it does offer more opportunities to experiment.
  • Linux is also one of the most secure and stable platforms and it is less prone to various virus attacks. The performance delivered by Linux is also much better and more reliable and you can be sure of not facing any kind of an issue.
  • Linux has been popular for years as an ideal server solution and when it comes to speed it is one of the fastest and performance oriented platforms.
  • This is one of the most feature rich and efficient operating systems and most web hosting providers choose Linux due to its vast range of services.
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What to look for when selecting a website hosting provider?

A website hosting company is responsible for owning and maintaining a number of servers. These servers store your websites and make it accessible to people over the Internet. There are many website hosting providers who offer a range of specialized hosting plans to suite your needs and requirements. But before you decide to choose a particular web hosting provider you need to figure out the requirements you may be looking for in a particular web hosting company. Nowadays, developing websites have become fairly easy and the credit for which goes to content management tools such as Joomla and WordPress. It is viable to make your website through any one of these content publishing tools because you have the flexibility to publish content and update your website as and when you like.

Even though you may choose either Joomla or WordPress to develop your website, you need to keep a couple of pointers in mind while choosing an ideal WordPress web host or Joomla web host.

Software Installation: Irrespective of whichever platform you may choose it is important to find out if the web hosting provider is willing to extend support where software installation is concerned. The host should be forthcoming in helping you to setup your WordPress or Joomla website and provide all the necessary steps required at the initial stage.

  • Software updates: The host should possess the knowledge and experience about the latest software updates and technological advancements. This is extremely important because the web host will be equipped to update the latest features on your website as and when it is needed.
  • Disk space and bandwidth: It is also important to ensure that your WordPress web host or Joomla web host possess the desired infrastructure and are able to provide you sufficient disk space and bandwidth to manage and run your website efficiently.
  • Hardware maintenance: The hosting provider should take complete responsibility by ensuring regular hardware maintenance. A perfect web hosting provider would replace any faulty hardware components on immediate notification from the customer.
  • Security: It is also important to ensure that the hardware used by the web host is adequately protected against different kinds of threats. The web host is able to provide enough security measures that will always protect your website from being harmed in any manner.
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Get familiar with blog hosting

Online presence can be established in a number of different ways other than just creating websites. There are other medium of communication channels on the Internet too such as forums, discussion boards and blogs. Over the past couple of years blogs have gained immense popularity because it is an excellent tool to express and share one’s opinions and views with people who may possess similar tastes. Blogs have become the medium to express one’s opinions on both personal and professional front. There may be blogs, which may cater to a specific subject or someone may decide to get extremely creative and outpour their musings online. There are many website hosting providers who offer blog hosting that are designed to specifically suite the needs of a blogger.

There are also numerous content management systems that support blogs and creating a blog through them is extremely easy. Joomla and WordPress are two such platforms that encourage you to create blogs. Your blog can either be created externally and you can even choose to integrated it with your website. A blog is an extremely good source for providing information about your business, products and services and it is also a medium to get feedback and suggestions. A blog enables you to interact with your customers directly as they get to express their respective views by posting comments. Both wordpress web hosting and Joomla web hosting give you the opportunity to create your blogs quickly and efficiently. You don’t even need to possess any kind of IT background to create a blog through any one of these content publishing tools.

Both wordpress and Joomla offer you an array of themes to choose from while creating your blog.  Both the content management systems come with additional features and functionalities too that can be activated through plugins and extensions. What is important is to find a reliable and a dependable website hosting provider who is willing to offer sufficiently space, bandwidth, security and excellent customer support to help you run your wordpress or joomla blog efficiently.

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Will Joomla continue to maintain its popularity in the New Year’s?

Joomla has undoubtedly become one of the most popular content management systems that has become the preferred platform for creating a website or a blog. Joomla comes with a host of built in applications and features that makes it extremely viable and versatile to develop a website as one wants it. Joomla web hosting takes care of all these nuances and ensures that your Joomla website runs successfully at all times. There are many web hosting providers who offer Joomla web hosting and it all depends on choosing the one who can offer you with proper technical assistance and the desired features to setup your Joomla website account.

One of the reasons that have contributed towards Joomla’s popularity is that it is free and anyone can start using the publishing tool to create web pages and upload them instantly. Another factor that will surely help retain Joomla’s popularity even in the New Year’s is that it supports multiple languages and comes with fully customized layouts. With fully customized layouts you can choose from an extensive list of templates and further customize it as per your requirements. One of the biggest advantages of Joomla is that it can easily function across all platforms and Operating Systems including Windows, Linux, different versions of Unix and the Apple OS/X platform. Joomla web hosting also supports news feeds that can be gathered from various different websites through the usage of New Feed Manager.

Installing and creating an e-commerce website through Joomla is also extremely easy and any one use any of the Joomla e-commerce extensions to easily create an e-commerce website. Besides, which Joomla also comes with an array of extensions that help you to add all kinds of different features and functionality to your website efficiently and conveniently. With such a wide range of features to choose from, it isn’t surprising that Joomla web hosting continues to maintain its popularity and in fact each year new addition of features makes it more popular worldwide.

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Ring in the New Year with a new WordPress website

The New Year is just a day away and most people plan their resolutions for the New Year’s. If you still haven’t thought of creating your online presence, then do include this in your New Year resolution and this is one resolution, which you will surely not break so soon. The reason being this resolution is extremely easy to follow and it doesn’t ask of you much. There is hardly any effort required and within minutes you can have your very own website. All you need to do is find a really good web hosting provider who will understand your hosting requirements and provide you with the right kind of services. Creating a website is so easy because wordpress is there. WordPress hosting is about using a hosting service, which is specially designed for hosting wordpress websites.

WordPress is an open source content management system that literally hands you a magic wand to create all kinds of magical websites. Developing a website or a blog through wordpress is extremely easy and its suite of interesting features allows you to really play around and be as imaginative as you want to. Through WordPress hosting you can choose to make a blog, a website or even combine both. Since it is a dynamic publishing tool therefore you can immediately publish your content and even add content in different formats including video and audio. WordPress gives you lots of opportunitites to plan and execute your website just the way you want it and since it is extremely user friendly and flexible, you can change the features as and when you want to.

If you intend to conduct business through your website, then you can even install e-commerce on your wordpress website since it comes with a large number of plugins that help you add any additional feature that you like. WordPress hosting does offer seamless number of possibilities and it is up to you how you decide to capitalize on them.

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